Irrigation, projects, assembly, and adaptations

Irrigation, Projects, Assembly, and Adaptations

We offer complete irrigation solutions with a focus on high-quality polyethylene sets for industrial and commercial use, enhanced with Anti-UV additives. Our projects encompass irrigation and fertigation with liquid manure, ensuring efficient water resource utilization. In comparison to traditional PVC pipes, our products offer greater strength and durability. Additionally, we provide convenience by burying main and lateral pipelines using dedicated tools, expediting assembly and reducing trench opening time. We also perform adaptations and modifications for existing projects, guaranteeing even more effective outcomes. We distribute the best brands in the market, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

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Waterers and water distribution projects

Waterers and Water Distribution Projects

Our polyethylene waterers, with capacities ranging from 200 to 1,000 liters, are available with or without wheeled chassis for enhanced mobility. Furthermore, we conduct hydraulic project design and sizing, offering efficient solutions. With our dedicated equipment, we bury hoses with a 40% reduction in labor and trench costs. We ensure increased strength and durability compared to PVC pipes. Our New Zealand expertise guarantees quality designs, and we also correct and adapt existing hydraulic networks. We also offer automation of water wheels and reservoir supply, optimizing water resource utilization.

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Electric fence projects, assembly, and training

Electric Fence Projects, Assembly, and Training

We conduct surveys and material lists, guiding clients on the best imported and domestic brands available in the market. Our training equips clients with efficient techniques for electric fence management, optimizing time and ensuring greater effectiveness. Additionally, we provide equipment that streamlines electric fence assembly, making the process fast and efficient. Count on us for the safety and efficiency of your electric fence, addressing your specific needs.

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Pasture consulting and management

Pasture Consulting and Management

We offer specialized services in pasture consulting and management, covering implementation and correction. We utilize advanced technology, such as electronic pasture meters, to measure and quantify dry matter per hectare. Our immersion programs and farm conversion to precision grazing ensure efficient results. We strictly adhere to New Zealand pasture management standards, guaranteeing high quality. Additionally, we provide specialized training and consulting to empower clients with best pasture management practices and optimization. Trust our expertise for more productive and sustainable livestock farming.

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Labor-efficient farm design and assembly

Labor-Efficient Farm Design and Assembly

Our New Zealand-inspired expertise makes us a benchmark for highly efficient pasture-based livestock farming design and assembly. We develop 2D and 3D projects using the New Zealand standard, covering waterers, fences, irrigation, feeders, and structures for liquid and solid waste management. Additionally, we offer rural automation and solar energy projects, aiming to optimize resources. With innovative structures and tools, we significantly reduce labor and production costs. We guarantee efficient and sustainable farms, delivering greater profitability and success for our clients.

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Liquid and solid waste management projects

Liquid and Solid Waste Management Projects

We develop projects for settling tanks and geomembrane reservoirs to ensure safe and efficient storage. We use agitation pumps and advanced filtration systems to optimize the process. Our automation allows for greater control and precision in operations. For fertigation, we calculate the ideal amount of liquid manure applied per soil type, maximizing nutrient utilization. Additionally, we prioritize sustainability by generating products and by-products through responsible management of solid and liquid waste. Count on us for environmentally conscious and efficient waste management.

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