ISIA Solid Set

The ISIA Solid Set is a protective support for sprinklers designed for quick and easy assembly of mesh irrigation, eliminating the need to bury irrigation branches and use wooden posts to secure sprinklers.

ISIA Solid Set

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ISIA Solid Set is a cost-effective semi fixed irrigation system.

An ideal method to reduce labour by eliminating the need for shifting, which saves power, uses water efficiently and not only increases quality and production, but also minimizes nutrient losses.

Suitable for paddocks of any size, shape and terrain, perfect for pivot corners. crops and horticulture. It can also be used for effluent application given its high uniformity and low application rates.

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Easy and Fast Assembly, No Technical Knowledge Required
Eliminates the Need to Bury Irrigation Branches and Wooden Posts for Sprinkler Installation
Can Be Disassembled / Moved to Other Areas
Efficient Irrigation with Low Pressure
Increased Productivity, Stocking Rate, and Pasture Quality
Durability and Long-lasting Resilience

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ISIA Solid Set
ISIA Solid Set
ISIA Solid Set
ISIA Solid Set