About Us

ISIA Irrigation is a family owned business that provides specialist service and advice for fixed grid irrigation.

We manufacture our pods and pipes in partnership with local businesses, and work directly with you to identify the most effective design for your property.

Our goal is to deliver a highly effective system which saves valuable resources and achieve a great return on your capital.

In search of challenges

In 2014, a couple of Brazilians went to New Zealand to work on dairy farms with precision livestock on pasture

Return to Brazil

Upon returning to Brazil in 2016, they identified the difficulties of farmers producing quality pastures at low cost.

The foundation

Foundation of Isia and launch of the Isia Flex irrigation system. Irrigating pastures has become easier and cheaper.

New technologies

The first mobile water trough with white tubing in Brazil. DBO magazine article July 2019.

Solid Set ISIA

Solid Set ISIA, Semi fixed irrigation system that eliminates the need to bury irrigation branches.

The first international achievements

Export of Isia irrigation systems to the world.

Smart solutions for livestock farmers

Get in touch with us and discover the advantages of New Zealand livestock.

Discover how Isia Brasil can assist you!


Those who use it, approve! Check out the testimonials from our customers.

Great company, qualified professionals!

Gabriel Llobet

The mobile water trough is wonderful, very functional and easy to handle. Congratulations to Isia.

Fazenda Santa Nice

We are very happy, we increased forage production by eliminating supplementation during the dry period, as well as increasing stocking rate!

João Tardiveli - São Pedro/SP

This year I acquired 3 more Kits and I want to irrigate the entire farm using the Isia Flex system. We also use the mobile water troughs that work perfectly.

Sergio Leães - Alegrete/RS

It's rare to be served by a company like you're served by ISIA, they are synonymous with competence, honesty, and innovation in the country.

Diogo Arcoverde - Consultor MT/MS

Great service. Durable products, easy assembly.

Ricardo Monteiro - Rio Grande do Norte

Water troughs of excellent quality, fast delivery, qualified professionals.

Fazenda Fronteiras - Pará